Opening Remarks


1.Celebrating Professor Peter L. Strauss

Author:Robert A. Katzmann


2.Peter Strauss:  an Introduction

Author:Todd D. Rakoff




3.Introduction: The Place of Agencies in Polarized Government

Author:Cynthia R. Farina & Gallian E. Metzger


4.Congressional Polarization: Terminal Constitutional Dysfunction? 

Author:Cynthia R. Farina


5.Agencies, Polarization and the States

Author:Gallian E. Metzger



6.unorthodox Lawmaking, unorthodox Rulemaking 

Author:Abbe R. Gluck, Anne Joseph O'Connell & Rosa Po


7.Chevron Is Dead; Long Live Chevron

Author:Michael Herz


8.Inside Congress's Mind

Author:John F. Manning


9.Presidential Administration and the Tradition of Administrative Law 

Author:Thomas W. Merrill


10.An Administrative Jurisprudence: The Rule of Law in the Administrative State

Author:Kevin M. Stack


11.A Place for Agency Experitise: Reconciling Agency Expertise with Presidential Power

Author:Wendy E. Wagner

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