1.Introduction-Negotiating Parenthood in Muslim Countries: Changing Concepts and Perceptions


2.The Impact of Religion in Interreligious Custody Disputes: Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian Approaches

Author:Imen Gallala-Arndt


3.The Best Interests  of the Child in Pre-mordern Islamic Juristic Discourse and Practice

Author:Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim


4.An Enduring Relic: Family Law Reform and the Inflexibility of Wilāya

Author:Lena-Maria Möller


5.Adding by Choice: Adoption and Functional Equivalents in Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

Author:Nadjma Yassari



6.A Critical Assessment of the Role of the Venice Commission in Processes of Domestic Constitutional Reform

Author:Maartje de Visser


7.Regulating Squeese-Outs in India: A Comparative Law Perspective 

Author:Vikramaditya Khanna & Umakanth Varottil


Book Review 

8.Neil Walker, Intimations of Global Law

Author:David Kenny


Books Received 


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